Wednesday, August 18

new layout!

well, kinda. i just re-amped the old one with a new background, fonts & color scheme. whatcha think? (:
+ i added music! the playlist is at the bottom of the page, and as you can see, it's pretty bare.
i need suggestions!
leave an artist + song name in a comment, and i'll try and get it on the playlist!

anywho, that's all for today, toodles!

~ sephora

Monday, August 9


i LOVE this one.
i'm not trying to toot my own horn, but i am so proud of this one.

Friday, August 6


this is the first pose i've ever made with the actual stardoll paper doll, i'm really proud of it. (:
i drew the shoes and the skirt, and i had to tweak the jacket. (p.s. i don't use a tablet, so it's that much harder. )
p.s. i know the hand is a little crispy. try to ignore it ;D i'll fix it later. (:

headshot time!

i've recently discovered that you can make a medoll look a million times better by using just a little dodge and burn.
so here are some headshots i made for me & a couple other people:

Tuesday, August 3

headshot attempt?

eventually this will go over there >
as my main picture (: