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Graphic Prices:
• Full Body Graphics for Blogs - 50sd
 - can be used for blogs and other websites
• Full Body Graphics for Personal Use - 10sd
 - for personal use only
 Headshots - 0sd
 - for personal use only

if you are not a superstar or unable to make a payment, message me, and we can negotiate

Information to Include in a Request:
Your Username:
Username of the Model (if it's someone other than you):

Type of graphic (Full-body blog, Full-body personal, headshot):
Color Scheme:
Font (if you have a preference):
Desired Pose (detailed description):

if I do not receive the above information, I will not accept your request

How to Submit a Request:
Please submit all requests in the Chat Box, located in the left side bar.
I will no longer accept requests in my guestbook, or in messages.