Monday, October 25

jembr2's headshot

hope you like it (:

new pose

i tried to make the head look as non-funky as possible. but it still didn't turn out as good as i wanted.
as for the rest, i reallyyy like it.
what do you guys think?

Saturday, October 23

brand new pose!

inspired by razorkissedlips' ( pin-up portraits
what do you think?

Thursday, October 21

buddylove75's headshot

animayafan4ever's headshot

one of my favorites i've done, ever. (:

rozzo00's headshot

so my dad is the best dad IN THE WORLD.
he bought me my photoshop, AND A GRAPHICS TABLET! :D
watch out world, sephoradarling is back!
(with better graphics equipment) ;D

Sunday, October 17

new/old graphic

another one i forgot to post.
whatcha think? (:


Saturday, October 16

show your support!

show your support by copying the text in the box and posting it on your site! (:

another addition to the site

i put a chat box over in the sidebar! (:
i think i'll use that as a way for you guys to make requests, as long as it works out.
but for now, leave messages and comments!



the first graphic i ever made (:
i'm really proud of it, considering i made it with paint, and without any special software.

Friday, October 15

an old graphic i forgot to post

just a fake magazine cover, not being used for anything
inspired by americas next top model, as most of my graphics are (:

Tuesday, October 12

i'm so dying without photoshop.

so, the main reason i haven't been making any graphics lately is because of my lack of photoshop.
my dad is SUPPOSED to be ordering it soon, but he's taking his sweet, sweet time.
and it's driving me insane.
and i don't want to bug him about it, because he's paying for it and i don't want to sound like an ungrateful brat.
hang tight guys, hopefully there will be more graphics coming very soon!

sephora ♥