Thursday, November 25


I am a busy person. I have tons of requests everyday, and I can't respond to everyone. If you followed my instructions on how to submit a request, then trust that you are on my to-do list, and a graphic is coming for you.
I cannot respond to everyone, letting them know that I have put them on my list.

Please do not spam my chat box with the same request over and over.

And please do not hound me about when your graphic is going to be done. I have a life, too. I can't spend my entire life making graphics for you all. Remember that I am doing a favor for you, by making you graphics at all.

I truly appreciate manners. When you are rude to me, it makes me not want to make you a graphic. And I can easily snap my fingers and tell you that I won't make a graphic for you. Remember that.

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